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Awwal Adebayo is the recipient of the FATE Fashion BA scholarship in academic year 2023/2024. He is studying BA Fashion at Middlesex University.

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Sarah McCormack was a recipient of the FATE Fashion MA scholarship in academic year 2019/2020. Experimental in her approach to design, the garments she creates are developed from a personal narrative, worn by characters in an alternate proposition of reality. She is curious about the morbid fate of the Anthropocene, our detachment from primal nature and our age of sterility, consequently wishing to question what we see as beautiful or grotesque. A recurring theme throughout, her aim is to evoke an unfamiliarity that is justified by technical ability and craft. Sara McCormack graduation collection won the L'oreal Prize.


Sungwon Hong, Fashion Design with Marketing Menswear pathway student was a recipient of the FATE Fashion BA scholarship 2018/2019 academic year.  FATE supported Sungwon’s final year collection with archive resources. FATE is thankful to Sungwon for his excellent ability to collaborate, exceptional work ethic and for sharing his sensitive attitude towards emotive and intelligent design. Sungwon Hong graduated with honors. 

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